Top 10 Best Yoga Poses for Sleep

Sleep deprivation is a vicious circle that’s hard to break.

For many reasons we often experience problems while sleeping.

Yoga can be a great answer for the patients those want to have a relaxing, sound night’s sleep.

This article will discuss 10 yoga positions. After reading through them, you can practice the poses easily even if you don’t have any books or reference tools to hand.

Top 10 of the Best Yoga Poses for Sleep

Benefits of yoga in a nutshell

There are a range of benefits that you can get from doing yoga.

It can improve your body’s flexibility. It makes your posture perfect while also building muscle strength. It can protect your spine and stop joint breakdown while undergoing physical stress. Yoga can develop the bones so that they grow well. It enables efficient blood flow. By doing yoga you can help your heart rate and can improve your immune system. Yoga is great for decreasing blood pressure and for regulating the adrenal glands.

This is how you can improve your balance and can get a healthier life. For proper maintenance of the nervous system, yoga has very few things to beat it. If you continue practicing yoga for a month or two it will make your breathing regular and help you to sleep more easily.

Yoga has manifold benefits and everyone should practice it.

Ten most effective yoga positions:

Though yoga has a diverse range of distinctive poses, at least 10 of them can be considered as significant whilst seeking an answer to sleeping disorder from it.

Take a look at these poses one by one…

1. Easy forward bending

This is a version of Sukhasan. This pose can even be managed by beginners. This is very effective to get a better sleep. You can practice it with the aid of a pillow.

2. Forward bending while standing

This is close to Uttanasana. Stand with feet around six inches and fold your torso to the ground reaching down. You can do this by bending your arms too.  For beginners, this can be tough.

3. Pose of the child

This is referred as Balasana.  Fold your torso over the legs and extend your arms to make this position. It helps to calm the mind.

4. Plow pose

This is often referred as Halasana. This is a pose that you can practice every day for five minutes before sleeping. Lie on your back, lift your legs over the head and use your hands to keep balance with the ground.

5. Legs-up the wall-pose

This is referred as Viparita Karani. This is great for evening exercise. It’s wonderful for stress relief. Close your eyes and try to concentrate while doing it. This is one of the easiest yoga positions.

6. Corpse Pose

This is referred as Savasana. Put the body in sleeping mode and adopt a corpse pose. Try to focus while doing it. Eventually you can initiate a better sleeping cycle. This is how you can beat all your worries away.

7. Supine Spinal-Twist

This is referred as Supta Matsyendrasana. Lie down and bring your right knee to the chest across the left side. Extend your right arm and gaze to right. Take some long breaths and repeat the same process a couple of times to concentrate better.

8. Seated Spinal-Twist

This is called Ardha Matsyendrasana. It is perfect for body relaxation. You can optimize this pose using both of your legs at once.

 9. Reclining butterfly

This pose is known as Supta Baddha Konasana. Lie down on your bed, bring your feet together, splay the knees and try breathing deeply. This is really a good yoga pose to promote better sleep.

10. Left Nostril-Breathing

Left Nostril-Breathing is known as Surya Bhedana. Cover your right nostril with the thumb and extend the fingers. Take few breathes and stop. This is a great pose to cool your body down within  minutes.


Yoga is really one of the best and most natural ways in which you can sleep better.

Try some of these positions and see how much it can help.

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