Respironics CPAP Machines: A Brand You Can Trust

CPAP machines can be considered as one of the leading inventions of modern days.

Through using this kind of machine, many people have been helped greatly with their breathing. CPAP therapy is becoming more common and widely known so many manufacturers are making these products.

Doctors usually avoid prescribing any particular brand to their patient due to ethics. This is why patients should be able to make an informed choice on their own.Best CPAP Machine 2016

In order to make the best possible choice, you should find out as much as you can about the machines.

This article will focus on a reputable brand that produces sleep apnea solutions. The name of the brand is Respironics. They solely produce solutions for respiratory problems and have a proven track record. If you want to buy a Respironics CPAP machine today, you can do so with confidence.

Respironics started as a standalone company. Later, the global entity Phillips bought Respironics. After this acquisition,  the product quality of Respironics did not declined and the brand has continued to grow.

Solutions from Respironics:

Here are some aids that Respironics offers:

  • Management of Sleep Apnea
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Delivery of Respiratory Drugs
  • Noninvasive Ventilation
  • Management of Patient Compliance

In general, as a patient you can find two broad categories of health care from Respironics:

  • Sleep Therapy
  • Respiratory Care

1. Sleep Therapy

For sleep apnea patients, these aids are ideal. This therapy has proven itself highly effective with its advanced engineered technology. By taking this therapy, you can get a restful sleep even with a sleep disorder such as an apnea. Additionally, you will get a sense of normalcy which is crucial. You can dream just like the old days when you were suffering from sleep apnea!

2. Respiratory Care

You can avail yourself of this care from Respironics if you have COPD diseases. By undergoing this form of breathing care you can avoid constant hospital visits. Stay at home and live a normal life.

Tools that Respironics produces

Tools that Respironics produces

Respironics provides a lot of tools for its patients. These include both major and minor products…

  • Airway Clearing Devices
  • Sleep Therapy devices
  • Ventilators
  • Liquid Oxygen
  • Respiratory Drugs
  • Pulse-oximetry Products
  • Patient Interface-masks
Airway Clearing Devices

Some of the best CPAP machines are made by Respironics. They produce exceptional, noninvasive airway clearing devices.

Respiratory Drugs and Pulse-oximetry Products

It is possible to get respiratory drugs and some other lightweight pulse-oximetry products from Respironics. As a patient you can get those drugs staying at home. You can get hard-to-find respiratory drugs from this particular brand.

Sleep Therapy Devices

Sleep therapy devices have the following characteristics.

  • All the sleep therapy devices and tools from Respironics are compact
  • The algorithms used in those devices are advanced so Respironics therapy works extremely well
  • With Respironics devices you can get integrated Bluetooth functions
  • You can get cellular modem functions too. In case you don’t want that, you can choose WiFi instead

Most famous products of Respironics:

Patient Interface-masks

You can get different kinds of patient interface masks from Respironics. They are of various types and shapes. Some of these are:

Minimal contact-nasal masks fit well naturally. Think of the name of Wisp as an example. Full-face masks function just like the name suggests with the entire face masked while wearing this. Nasal masks have been engineered for the nose only. Pico and TrueBlue are two examples of nasal masks made by Respironics. Pillow masks are an exclusive headgear system. OptLife is a great model. Nuance Gel is also getting more popular.

Ventilators and Liquid Oxygen

There are many ventilators that you can pick up from Respironics. These ventilators are mostly made for adult patients though you can get ventilators for pediatric patients too.

You can get ventilators like BiPAP AVAPS or BiPAP S/T from Respironics. These two are invasive. Normal ventilators include Triology100 and Triology200. You can even get reporting software and liquid oxygen too from this particular brand.


Respironics CPAP machine offers superb solutions for sleep apnea, general sleeping disorders, depression, nasal congestion and irregular breathing. This simple sentence clearly shows how crucial Respironics has become as a brand in the niche of breathing health care. Even if you look at their growth rate and the sales volume around the markets of the world, a significant change can be revealed. More and more people are realizing just how effective CPAP machines can be.

With Respironics now going from strength to strength, you can rely on product quality, longevity, brand trust and extreme value for money.

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