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To solve respiratory problems and to get some comfort from sleeping disorders like apnea, you cannot find a single workable alternative to continuous positive airway pressure.

It is not possible to get such airway pressure in a natural way. Instead, you need to rely on external aid as therapy.

This is where the importance of CPAP machines lies. Hundreds of manufacturers make these machines ResMed is among the very best of these.

The ResMed CPAP machines are probably the finest machines possible to find to deal with respiratory diseases and depressive sleeps. ResMed is a producer which has been working in this particular niche for around three decades. This is why they have such great expertise in making sleeping aid machines.

This article will show you how ResMed as a brand is important and what it can offer you as a user.Best cpap machine and mask

Tools that ResMed produces

Here is some equipment that ResMed produces for patients:

  • Masks
  • Devices
  • Humidifiers
  • Accessories

All ResMed masks are very lightweight and comfortable to use. These masks are made in a way so that the greater part of the face remains uncovered and thus you feel more natural and less restricted.

There are five types of masks ResMed produces. They are as follows:

  •  Nasal Pillows
  •  Nasal Masks
  •  Full-face Masks
  •  Pediatric Masks
  •  Hospital Masks

1. Nasal Pillows

You can try these types of mask for freedom while sleeping. You will find them unobtrusive and comfortable. These masks are light and fit snugly. AirFitTM P10 is an example of nasal pillows

2. Nasal Masks

Nasal masks are a derivative of nasal pillows. You can see well while using them. These masks will cover a bit more of your nose. Some popular nasal masks are AirFitTM-N10, SwiftTM-FX Nano, Mirage Micro-TM and Mirage-TM SoftGel

3. Full-face Masks

If you are comfortable in breathing with your mouth, full-face masks are for you. All of ResMed’s full-face masks are non-intrusive. Quattro-TM Air and Mirage Quattro-TM are some popular full-face masks by ResMed

4. Pediatric Masks

You can buy these masks for obstructive sleep-apnea. These masks are for kids only. Pixi-Tm and Mirage Kidsta-Tm are examples of pediatric masks

5. Hospital Masks

Hospital masks are made in bulk to supply different hospitals and clinics. Quattro-TM FX-NV and Mirage-TM Non-vent are two popular hospital masks by ResMed


All the devices fromResMed have been made using advanced technology. These devices cause minimal noise levels. You can get following devices from ResMed:

You get a manual with every device. Never forget to keep that stored safely. Sometimes you might need to change the setting of something after discussion with your doctor. Your doctor can advise you to do that too. In this case, the manual will be invaluable


Humidifiers are a crucial tool of apnea therapy. To reduce nasal congestion and dryness, use of humidifiers is popular. You can also use them to stop mouth breathing

ResMed produces two types of humidifiers. They are H5i-TM heated humidifier and H4i-TM heated humidifier


ResMed offers a range of accessories as well as sleep apnea therapy. You can also get any kind of spare parts from this producer

  • Mask Accessories
  • Device Accessories
  • Humidifier Accessories
  • Communication Accessories

Gecko-TM nasal pad is one of the best mask accessories from ResMed. For device accessories you can find products like SlimLine TM Tubing, ClimateLine TM Family, ResMed-RPS II and Standard Trolley. There are some humidifier accessories too at a cost effective price range.

SimLine Tm Tubing is one of the best humidifier accessories that you can get from ResMed. Communication accessories include a remote alarm type tool. If you are a doctor you can connect these alarm to monitor your patient from different other location


As a brand, ResMed is outstanding.

If you are sleep apnea patient or having troubles in your sleeping, your doctor will definitely ask you to take CPAP therapies.

Buying a ResMed CPAP machine is something you can do with confidence.

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