How to Travel With a CPAP Machine

CPAP machines are ideal for patients those want relief from sleep apnea problems.

There are many types of machines available and the number of manufacturers is considerable. One thing these machines have in common is that they need to be handled in a careful manner since they are highly sophisticated tools.

When traveling, it pays to take the utmost care of your CPAP machine. They have many fragile components. The last thing you want is a damaged or broken unit.

travel with CPAP machine

How it is complicated and why is care so important?

CPAP machines are complicated due to the number of working parts.

When traveling with this machine, proper packaging is adequate for short journeys. When using a plane, more cautious is required. There are two things to remember: One, your machine needs to be safe. Another, the machine needs to pass security checks.

Important things you need

  • Carrying case for the CPAP machine
  • A clear plastic bag that is sufficient to contain the CPAP machine

Tips for traveling with your CPAP machine

  • An additional case for extra safety is always good to have! Standard luggage needs to be avoided while packaging your machine
  • It is important to consult with your airline about your CPAP machine in advance
  • When the security stage is reached, remove the machine from the case and put that into a clear bag made of plastic. In that way you can keep your machine clean and security officials can conduct the checks easily
  • It is good to leave the face mask in your carrying case. You can do the same for the tubing
  • Allow your machine to be screened by the X-ray system
  • Don’t forget to mention to security staff that you are carrying a CPAP. This can reduce the chance of misunderstanding

Some additional things to remember

Don’t pack your machine in a way that will be a nuisance to unpack upon demand. Always keep in mind; your machine might need to be unpacked and checked thoroughly.

If you find it hard to understand how to pack your machine, ask an expert. There are many peoples using CPAP machines these days, so finding help will not be a big ask. There are some specific guidelines to pack your machine that you can get from various blogs and forums.

Take the security concern of officials seriously. This is for the safety of everyone and you should cooperate with a security official in case he asks you to get out your machine. Make it easy to do so.


Take all sensible precautions to ensure that your CPAP machine is not damaged while traveling. If not, it could be a very expensive mistake!

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