How to repair a CPAP machine !

To treat the sleep apnea, millions of people around the world take the help of CPAP machines. Those machines are usually small where pressurized air gets transferred through a tube. Patients use masks to receive the air. How much pressure is good to be delivered to a patient is recommended to be determined by a certified physician. Too much air pressure is not good for a patient. A user should check his CPAP machines every time he/she uses it. If he finds any problems, it is better to report immediately.

Most of the good vendors offer the warranty of their products. In some case, you can get manufacturer warranty too from different brands. Doesn’t matter, whichever brand you choose to get your CPAP machine; it is always advised to use clean and fresh tools. In many times, you might encounter problems in your machines that can be solved in an hour or two. But to do that, knowing the ways of fixing the tools is required. If your purchase shows you are valid of the warranty scheme, never wait to hold the machine in your home; rather send that for repairing as quickly as you can.

How to repair CPAP Machine 2016

CPAP Machine Parts

CPAP machine has several parts. All those parts work altogether to form a compact system that can enable continuous air pressure flow for the patients. Here are the major parts of a CPAP machine.

  • Masks
  • Tubing
  • Air hose
  • Main machine system for humidification
  • Chinstrap
  • Air filter
  • Water tank
  • A connecting cord

What About Mask Repair/ Change?

Mask is the prime thing that is necessary to clean almost every day. If you don’t do that, mold might start to grow within. Take distil water and mild soap to clean your mask to back it in previous working condition. You can get SoClean machines too for doing that. If you find it difficult to remove the mold scattered over your mask, try once more to clean. If failed once again, change it quickly. Don’t try to overuse.

What About Humidification System Repair/Change?

The main system of a CPAP machine is complicated. So you should not try to repair that by your own. But in occasional cases, you can fix your machine by changing settings of it. If you think the hose is supplying erratic pressure, the outlet of the CPAP machine should be checked. Don’t forget to check the hose, there might be a leak causing an irregular outflow of air pressure. The air filter of your machine can be choked too. In can simply clean the air filter to reuse. But repairing hose is difficult for you. In such case when you can realize hose is the prime problem generator, try to replace it.

If you find your machine stops working at the midnight, try to check the cord level. Besides don’t forget to check the wiring system. Call an electrician to check the electric port. Carefully connect the cord before a particular night to reveal the changes critically. If the electric cord is identified as the guilty repair it by your electrician or change it immediately.

Your CPAP machine might malfunction due of inappropriate settings. Overheating in the machine due of inappropriate setting can add moisture into the system. If you find similar problem try to reset the machine using the user manual or take a help of an expert. In this way, you can fix the machine quickly. In a case of difficulties that cannot be solved by you, ask a professional.

What About Tubing Repair/Change?

Tubing works as the transmitter to pass air pressure from the system to the patients’ lung. In many cases mold growth can be found inside of the tubing too if you don’t clean that couple of days. In such cases, the efficiency of the CPAP machine can decline. Changing the tubing can cost you some bucks though after few months of using you ought to do that. But while encountering any problems in receiving the air pressure if any issues can is revealed in the tubing, try to use hot water to flux the tube couple of times and let that to dry by natural air. Your tubing will start working like the previous mode.

What If You Don’t Repair?

Repairing CPAP machine is important for a number of reasons. If you in unaware about this issue, try to be aware from the day you are reading this article. You may call in severe health abnormalities if you don’t repair or change your tools in a timely manner. For an example, too much air inserting into the lung can ruin the sleep of a patient. Excessive mold growth into the mask and tubing can allow different infectious bacteria and viruses to grow. Those viruses can destroy your immune system and can cause multidisciplinary diseases.  If you aren’t able to keep your machine in a dry place, a nominal amount of water can ruin its efficacy and start creating an environment that can cause expose of pneumonia.  For the heart patients, irregular air flow can block the heart functioning and can invite heart failure. This particular scenario can lead a person towards death, at worst.


After reading this article, you can easily understand why it is important to fix CPAP machine quickly; and what is the importance of checking the machine tools every day! So if you are a patient having slept disorders, try to follow the advice of this article and sleep well. Remember, you are using this CPAP machine to get comfort from your abnormalities. Now if you start running the environment due of your negligence, you might not find a way to forgive you even. Try to listen to the alarm from the deep of your heart, follow what your doctors says, ensure utmost hygiene in your living area, especially regarding the tools and kits of the CPAP machine and continue your healthy breathing experience.

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