How to Make CPAP Sleep Apnea Machine Usage Comfortable

A patient diagnosed with sleep apnea must start using CPAP machines.

This type of machine allows the user to take oxygen easily.

How to make CPAP Sleep Apnea Machine usage comfortable

Reasons why people want to avoid CPAP machines:

Before giving advice to stop using CPAP machine to a sleep apnea students it is necessary to understand it first why these machines can sometime become troublesome to use.

In a typical CPAP machine there is a long, flexible hose which is connected with headgear. Headgear is often referred as a face mask. Every night a patient needs to wear this to use the machine. This machine has a number of parts.

These parts must be washed and replaced from time to time. If a user uses a mask or tubing for more than the recommended time, he might bring about potential health hazards.

Nobody wants to cover all their neck and nose with tubes. Maintaining it can be painful and therefore people becoming bored with using the machine is quite common.

This article will  focus on how using a CPAP machine can be easier and comfortable.

Important things to ensure:

  • A strong desire to make your sleeping habits punctual and time-oriented
  • Determination to lose weight if necessary
  • Talk everything through with your doctor

Steps to use CPAP machines more comfortably:

Ease your experience with a CPAP machine by studying the following suggestions:

  • For sleep apnea patients, CPAP machines are a necessary evil. Sometimes sleep apnea works as a silent killer. It can bring about problems like hypertension and stroke so it is not advisable to stop using a CPAP machine if you suffer from this disorder
  • Even though CPAP machines have no real alternatives, nasal surgery is an option. Although distasteful, if you don’t want to use a CPAP machine, this is probably the best way forward. The success rate is around thirty percent in cases of surgery
  • You can try using oral devices while sleeping to support your machine. In that way, the lower jaw will remain forward and thus your breathing will become more normal. Once you can start breathing more normally, you will start feeling your machine is working better
  • Try to stop consuming alcohol. It has many detrimental effects. Smoking is another thing that you should stop too. If you want to get a relaxed airway there is really no better way than to quit smoking and alcohol consumption
  • Try to lose weight so your BMI is in the ideal range. Research has found people having excessive weight suffer from sleep apnea most


Motivate yourself to the highest level.

Do not rush into a decision to stop using your CPAP machine. Rather, ask yourself what you can do to make using it a more comfortable process.

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