How to Control Breathing While Running

While running, it can be  difficult to control breathing.

There are couples of important aspects to consider about strong running methods. Arm swing, leg strength and foot strikes all are key to ensure better performance. But if you don’t have a good breathing technique, you might start suffocating after a few meters. This is what we will examine in this article.How to control breathing while running

The importance of breathing!

If you have strong muscles and a strong heart you can run efficiently. This is a proven truth.

But, if you don’t have a sound respiratory system it will be really difficult to breathe easily while running. During any period of high intensity activity, the human body takes away blood and oxygen from the working muscles. This is why increasing the strength of breathing muscles is required. It enables you to easily control your breathing while running.

Here are some key things that can help you to get comfort in breathing while exercising:

  • Complete breathing
  • Proper posture
  • Finding a pattern
  • Nose vs Mouth
  • Don’t drink too much water
Complete Breathing

Most of runners do not perform this well. When you need to run, always try to complete the breaths. Short breathing will not work whereas full breathing will inject more air in your lung and in that way you can quicken your speed. You can get a range of guides regarding techniques to improve breathing techniques. Study well and improve in this area.

Proper Posture

Proper posture means the appropriate positioning of your legs. While running, the leg should be placed properly so that it can balance the weight of the body and thus reduce energy wastage. It can also help you to breathe more comfortably. So, try to stand tall while running. Core exercises can help you to achieve the correct posture within a few days. You can also consult an expert for assistance.

Finding a pattern

Breathing has various patterns and you can pick any one of those while running. It will help you to run more effectively and you will not lose control of your breathing. Try to find a rhythm that you can easily follow. You can seek the help of a professional in case you find it difficult to determine a fitting pattern for you. Run two or three steps and take breath once. You can increase the number or can deduct as well. But whatever you do, you should follow a strict sequence. It’s entirely up to you to find out which will feel most comfortable for you.

Nose vs Mouth

This is a common dilemma for many runners as they don’t know what they should use for breathing while running, their nose or their mouth. Using the nose for breathing is always good but it is true that at times you might need to breathe through your mouth. It is also important to mention, a good runner should practice running in a way so the usage of the mouth to breathe can be reduced.

Don’t drink too much water!

While running you should not drink too much water as it can increase your body weight and your stomach will get overfilled preventing you from continuing. This, in turn, leads to poor form in breathing. It is quite normal to feel thirsty while running. You are not prohibited from drinking water, but gulping is not advised at all. A small amount of water can make your pharynx wet and it is good to consume it in moderation.


Ultimately, the fact is you should know some basic thing to ensure regular breathing while running.

Proper breathing assists to you run faster and for longer.

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