How to Connect Oxygen to a CPAP Machine

CPAP machines are often regarded as lifesaving devices. They are the only scientific therapy that sleep apnea patients can take advantage of for this disturbing sleeping disorder.

It is basically a sophisticated machine that people use after being prescribed from a doctor. In some cases this machine needs oxygen connected to it.  Connecting oxygen to a CPAP machine is not that tough. All you need is a bleed-in-adapter.

How to connect oxygen to a CPAP Machine

Important things:

Here are the items that you will need to connect your CPAP machine with oxygen.

  • A CPAP machine with tubing
  • Oxygen system & tubing
  • Bleed-in adapter

Steps for connecting with CPAP machine:

Here are the steps following which you can easily connect your machine with oxygen without incurring any complications…

  • First, you need to attach the bleed-in adapter to the oxygen tubing. You will find a small opening in the tubing. The adapter is T-shaped. You can get these tools from a medical equipment company. Oxygen will be given free if it is covered within the insurance policy
  • Now connect the oxygen adapter with the help of the tubing towards the air pressure wing of your CPAP machine. You will find a large opening over there. That will help you to fit it on directly
  • Now attaching the CPAP tubing to your bleed-in adapter. CPAP tubing should fit on directly too
  • Switch on the CPAP unit and the oxygen system. Once the oxygen is flowing, the CPAP unit should not be powered on/off

Some other points to note:

You can find a humidifier with most of the CPAP machine. This is required to help patients so they can get rid of dry nose problems. It also helps them to avoid the throat and mouth drying out. It is possible to use a humidifier with a bleed-in oxygen adapter.

Respironics stated that CPAP machines connected with bleed-in adapter systems should not be kept near heat nor open flames. Do not smoke near the machine when the oxygen bleed-in adapter is connected.

What will happen if I don’t connect oxygen bleed-in adapter?

Whatever the situation, to enable the patient to breathe more easily, an external oxygen bleed-in adapter is suggested by doctors at times.


As a CPAP machine is a highly sophisticated machine, users should know the A to Z before using it.

You might still face difficulties while connecting with oxygen bleed-in adapter even after reading this article. First, check the user guide. You can consult many blogs and forums to get more information too. Also, there are some good videos that can show you how to connect oxygen bleed-in adapter to your machine step-by-step.

In the final instance, contact your doctor if you are still having problems.

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