How to Choose The Best CPAP Mask

Getting the best CPAP mask is just as important as the main CPAP machine.

It is not mandatory, of course, to buy all parts from the same manufacturer. You can buy the humidifier from one place and your mask from another. But whichever mask you might select, it is crucial to ensure that your mask is good quality.

Choosing the right mask often becomes a laborious job and you need to know as much as possible about masks to make the smartest choice.

It is entirely your duty to find out which mask is good for you. You can get nasal masks, full-face masks or oral masks. Your comfort should inform your decision. While choosing masks, don’t forget to pick one which will be simple for you to clean.

How to chose the best cpap mask

Mask types in brief

Though there are many types of masks available, it is possible to divide them into three general types:

  • Nasal mask that will cover the nose only
  • Nasal pillow mask that will sit over your nostrils
  • Full face masks that can cover both mouth and nose

It might be tough to work out which mask would be the wisest choice for you…

It depends on how you feel most comfortable while breathing. Some people use their nose to breath where some others can’t do this so well. The way a person breaths while sleeping is a key factor to consider. If you have no such problems in breathing through your nose, choose a nasal mask or nasal pillow mask. If you do then a full face mask is recommended.

Fitting of your mask and all about the brand

Whatever the type of the mask you select, size is a big issue to think about. There are a number of different sizes available. You cannot get the same sized mask for an old person and for a kid. You can test different masks to get an idea about the size. You can use the Internet to figure out your approximate measurements. Avoid over-tightened masks.

Not all masks will last a long time. So when buying one, try to get it from a good brand like ResMed. The chance of getting good masks is much higher from a reputable brand. You can buy online or from a retail store, it doesn’t matter, but try to ensure your mask fits you properly and will last you well.

Cleaning the mask

Regular basis mask cleansing is important. It is essential to guarantee hygiene. If you don’t clean your mask regularly, after a couple of days mold will start growing from the inside areas. To clean a mask, people often use warm water and mild soap and this technique is approved by certified physicians. You can even find specialized cleaning machines to clean masks and other tools of a CPAP machine if you are ready to spend a bit more. The manual cleaning process should be adequate.

Try to purchase a mask that you can clean easily. In some cases, wetting the mask in a soap and water solution is not enough to remove all the mold. Sometimes you might need to scrub the mold vigorously. Cleaning machines that can make your life easier but perhaps the mask cleaning machine starts malfunctioning for a couple of days. Think carefull about it before investing in a piece of kit that could be troublesome and is unnecessary.

Masks that makes noises

Some masks might create noises. You might wonder why that is. Basically, while a sleep apnea patient exhales carbon dioxide through the channel of the mask, the added pressure can generate sounds. Check, too, for any leaks. In such cases, you need to seal the leak or vent that is responsible for the sound emission.

Steps for choosing the best mask

  • Read CPAP mask reviews for a good overall idea
  • Determine which mask type would be the best match for you
  • Fix a budget and try finding some masks from good brands like ResMed or Respironics.
  • Contact support to find out all you can about masks usages, the  cleaning process and durability. You can read relevant blogs and different forums for more information
  • Make a short list
  • Test them
  • Make your purchase


It is crucial to understand when you need to replace your masks.

When you will find it is creating too many noises or it getting too tough to remove the stains from the mask even after heavy cleaning, it’s time to change the mask and get a new one.

It is important to change the mask immediately at this point to avoid bacterial diseases.

Take your time and choose the best CPAP mask for your needs.

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