How to Change The Settings on Your CPAP Machine

A person suffering from disorders like OSA (obstructive-sleep-apnea) often get prescribed a CPAP machine.

CPAP is a popular term in recent days which refers to continuous positive airway pressure. You can buy a CPAP machine from many places. There are many producers and vendors to choose from. Your doctor can specifically advise you to buy a particular machine too.

When you get the CPAP machine in your hand, a certain setting will come as built-in; basically, a technician does that job for first time users. The technician makes that setting based on the prescription of the doctor. A CPAP machine user is advised not to change the settings of the machine unless he has discussed it with his doctor.How to change setting on cpap machine2016

Who Might Need Help in Changing Settings

If your doctor allows you to change the setting for a particular reason, there is no problem in doing that. Using a CPAP machine is not that tough and its setting change is not either.

But, if you are a novice user or have limited knowledge about technology and gadgets, you might face some problems. Older people those are suffering for sleeping disorders often struggle if asked to change the setting a bit.

You can find many blogs and forums to help with these issues. This article will also help you to know more about how to easily change the setting of a CPAP machine.

Necessary Things to Know

While guiding you to change the setting of your CPAP machine, it is important to mention two things:

  • The model type of the machine (You need to know it)
  • Manual of the sleep therapy machine  (You should have it in your hand)

Steps of Changing Settings

  • At the beginning, you need to know what brand of your machine is and what the precise model of it is. ResMed is the most eminent brand that produces CPAP machines
  • At this point, the power cord should be unplugged
  • Find the user button under the LCD display. Hold the button whilst plugging in the cord. Don’t move your finger until you can hear something. Within a short while, you will hear a beep sound. This means you can change the setting
  • Now see the Settings display. There will be many options available. You can change the hour number. You can change the therapy mode and ramp time. Also, you can change alarm modes and elevation. You can find options for pressure calibration. You can scroll down and select any of those. While scrolling down, you can also skip options
  • If you change the ramp settings, it is possible to increase the time limit for gradual pressure building. Usually, it ranges from 10 to 15 minutes. It is possible to set it up to 45 minutes. In this way, you can have enough time to start sleeping prior to the beginning of heavier pressure
  • You can change the pressure settings of the CPAP machines too. This is more complex so exercise caution and seek advice if necessary
  • You can check whether the pressure setting of your CPAP machine is correct or not, but it is time-consuming and is not a mechanical checking but physical. You will be asked to use your machine in a certain pressure level for two weeks to find the abnormalities. If you feel discomfort through gas or pain in your stomach, that would transmit a message that the pressure setting is not working and that the stomach is not getting adequate pressure

Stopping Usage And Buying a New Machine

CPAP machines might cause some potential negative health effects.

A person might need plenty of time to adjust to a certain model. Feeling abnormalities doesn’t mean you can get rid out of those by stopping the usage of the machine or by getting a new one. In some cases, people suffer for their own mistakes. Inappropriate pressure setting can lead towards many health complexities. So, pay close attention to all settings.


Don’t forget to remain cautious about primary setting changes with your CPAP machine.

Unless your physician approves the primary setting required by you, don’t try to do it yourself. Remember the prime purpose of a CPAP machine is keeping the airways open and making the breathing more regular during the nighttime.

Take care and be careful not to make changes without proper medical advice.

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