What Do Dreams Mean?

Dreams, Dreams and More Dreams

According to experts, dreams are forms of brain activity that involve a string of  imagined ideas, emotions, images, events and sensations. Dreams happen involuntarily in the mind while you are sleeping or sometimes even when you are awake.

Although we have a definition of dreams, even in this modern age no one can actually explain the exact reason why people dream. It’s still unclear how dreams ever get to transpire in one’s mind while sleeping just like you are watching a scene of yourself from a movie.

People who have researched this phenomenon come up with different theories. Some say dreams are the fulfillment of a person’s deepest desires to achieve something they cannot have in their waking state. Others refer to dreams as the subconscious mind’s enactment of what people unconsciously want to happen. Some believe that dreams are actually the opposite of what’s going to happen in real life.

Whatever is the real cause of dreaming, the fact remains that dreams can make you feel relaxed, happy, sad or even get stressed and scared while sleeping.

One important thing to note is that you can actually take control of your dreams. It is your dream. And in your dreams, you are the protagonist. You simply need to condition your mind and body before you sleep that it is just a dream.

And when you’re asleep and dreams start to happen, you tell yourself that you are dreaming and that you control everything. In that way, you can help prevent a bad dream from occurring.

For example, if you are flying in your dream and feel like you are going to fall, your brain is quick to act and tell your dream-self to keep on flying and you won’t fall in that dream. It is just a question of mind over matter tactics: conditioning your mind before you sleep.


Sigmund Freud, the renowned psychoanalyst and neurologist, once said that dreams are the windows into the subconscious mind. He added that dreaming is also a way for people to release their sexual urges and desires while asleep.

There are actually several varieties of dreams that people experiences throughout life. We will now examine the most common of these types of dreams…

1) Lucid Dreams 

These dreams are due to the increased activation of some parts of the brain which are often subdued while asleep. Lucid dreaming is regarded as the state of the brain between REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep and being awake. This is that kind of dream wherein the person is actually aware that they are dreaming. Controlling your dreams, as mentioned above, can be achieved during lucid dreaming.

With lucid dreaming, you can focus on anything that you want to dream about before you sleep. All you need to do is condition your mind and body. It is where a person experiences and lives their daydreams but in a dream.    

2) Daydreaming

Daydreaming is essentially living out your fantasies and imagination inside your waking mind.

This type of dream can happen anytime, anywhere while awake depending on the person’s liking. It is sometimes used as an escape from the real situations in life which don’t lead to happiness or contentment.

When a person daydreams, their thoughts are temporarily being transported to another world, the world of dreams. They become unaware of their surroundings for a moment and they think that what they are dreaming of is real. This is why some daydreamers can be seen smiling or seemed to be in a trance.

3) Nightmares

A nightmare is a scary, terrifying and distressing bad dream.

People who have nightmares experience frightening scenes in their dreams. This can sometimes be so horrifying that a person wakes up gasping for breath or totally scared and confused, often very grateful it was just a dream.

Nightmares occur more in women than men. Common causes include illness, medication, anxiety, stress and sometimes fatigue. Sleeping directly after eating can also contribute at times.

In children, however, nightmares are almost always associated with being chased by animals. Experts say that kids having bad dreams is completely normal and related to their development and environment.

4) Wet Dreams

wet dreams

This is a dream which mostly happens in pubertal boys and men. It is part of the natural process of growing up. Having wet dreams means releasing semen while dreaming and this is caused if a guy dreams of having sex. This dream can be carried over into their emotions resulting in night-time ejaculation.

There are reports about girls and women experiencing wet dreams too but very rarely do they get to have sexual orgasms like men while dreaming.

5) False Awakening Dreams

These false awakening dreams are most commonly called a dream within a dream. They occur in the middle of a dream.

It’s a type of dream wherein the dreamers think they are already awake and doing things. In fact, they are still asleep and dreaming not actually performing the deed. False awakening dreams usually happen to lucid dreamers. Actions carried out seem to be so real for the dreamer. This perceived reality renders them totally unaware that it was just a  dream.

Mostly, false awakenings get repeated multiple times and the same actions are executed repeatedly until the person finally awakens and realizes they were just dreaming.

One tip, though: if you are experiencing this type of dream, get up once you wake to avoid repeating it again. Walk around in or out of the room and do something like drink water or eat just to wake your system fully before going back to bed.

6) Recurring Dreams

This is a very common type of dream which contains messages about one’s self or life. It may be about something that is unconsciously bothering the person or something that they most long to do or have.

Most of the time, this dream is frightening and almost mimics a nightmare. This, though, is just the mind’s way of communicating through dreams that there are things we need to do or accomplish which in waking life we tend to dismiss or even forget.


However mysterious dreams may be, no one can easily say that they never felt better or happier when they are in dreamland. It is where one’s wishes and desires are attained.

Maybe, at times, it turns to be a bad dream but always remember that dreams can convey messages and that you should pay attention to them.

Dreams are free and in dreams we can be whoever and whatever we want but let us not live in dreams alone. Be attentive and try to do something to live those dreams.

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