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How To Reduce The Whistling Of Your CPAP machine!

Though CPAP machines are made as sleeping aids for people who cannot sleep well naturally, you might encounter a few problems while using this system.

One of the leading issues is whistling.

Whistling can be a serious problem and can adversely affect a sleeping environment which is meant to have been improved. It is even worse for the person who is sleeping beside the patient.

Research has found that excessive whistling has negative impacts on conjugal life.

Whistling is a tedious result of CPAP machine usage and a user should think about formulating a remedy for it.

How to reduce whistling of CPAP machine

This article will examine different types of whistling and how you can reduce it naturally.

There are ways to stop whistling mechanically too. There are many CPAP machines on the market with  supporting tools to stop whistling. Not all products, though, will offer you this assistance.

What Are The Different Types Of Whistling?

We can normally divide whistling into two distinctive halves:

  • Regular whistling
  • Irregular whistling

Regular whistling is the form of whistling that starts when the patient falls asleep and lasts until he wakes. This kind of whistling creates almost the same amount of sound throughout the whole night.

Irregular whistling is when sounds emit at random. Sometimes this kind of whistling creates loud noises for a while and suddenly stops. Sometimes it creates beep sounds, sometimes  whisper sounds.

How to Reduce Whistling Naturally

You can reduce whistling in a natural way.

To do this, you need to learn more about your CPAP system. You can try to make a habit of sleeping in different positions. If, for example, you sleep with your back to your partner they will be subjected to minimal whistling sounds. Shift around frequently as the sound emission will be stopped for a while every time you change your sleeping position.

How to Reduce Whistling Mechanically

It is also possible to stop whistling mechanically. You need the following:

  • A CPAP mask
  • Porous cloth tape
  • Scissors
  • Vent diffusers (optional)

Here are some steps that you can follow to stop whistling:

  • At first, find all exhalation vents in the mask.  These small holes support the mask while a patient exhales. Basically, these holes are exhaled pressure relievers. Masks are of various types, for example some masks cup the patient’s nose. Vents remain over the cup in those masks. Some masks use nasal puffs to work. In these instances, vent holes remain in the tubes.
  • Try to install diffusers. Some suppliers provide diffusers with the CPAP machine whereas others don’t. These diffusers are foam pads. You can get diffusers in ring format too. You can use a diffuser on the vents of your mask. If you don’t have diffusers with your CPAP package, check out the next step…
  • Take a cloth tape and cut it in a way that covers the mask vents
  • Apply this tape to the vent holes. Be careful about other components of the system such as nasal cushions and straps
  • Now try using the CPAP therapy in this mode. Find out whether you can breathe easily and exhale comfortably. See whether CPAP whistling is still occurring. If you don’t hear any noise, you’re done.
  • If whistling persists, then there are leaks in your tubing or in the nasal cushion. Replace the relevant part

What Are Some CPAP Machines Without Whistling?

There are some CPAP machines that can work well without too much whistling.

These machines don’t work like magic but they offer different supportive tools like tubing leak support or nasal cushions. If you use these tools according to your doctor’s advice to stop whistle generation.

Here are some of those machines:

What If You Don’t Stop The Whistling?

You already know the problems of CPAP whistling. But what if you don’t manage to stop it?

Your partner might become used to the whistling sound emitted but they will not like it.

Be considerate. Take action.

There is simply no excuse not to stop the whistling.


Nine out of ten sleep apnea patients suffer from whistling sound hassles so it’s a widespread problem. See whether your CPAP machine emits whistling sounds in the night or not and if it does try to determine the degree of sound emission so prompt and precise action can be implemented in timely manner.

Kiss goodbye to whistling from your CPAP machine!

How to repair a CPAP machine !

To treat the sleep apnea, millions of people around the world take the help of CPAP machines. Those machines are usually small where pressurized air gets transferred through a tube. Patients use masks to receive the air. How much pressure is good to be delivered to a patient is recommended to be determined by a certified physician. Too much air pressure is not good for a patient. A user should check his CPAP machines every time he/she uses it. If he finds any problems, it is better to report immediately.

Most of the good vendors offer the warranty of their products. In some case, you can get manufacturer warranty too from different brands. Doesn’t matter, whichever brand you choose to get your CPAP machine; it is always advised to use clean and fresh tools. In many times, you might encounter problems in your machines that can be solved in an hour or two. But to do that, knowing the ways of fixing the tools is required. If your purchase shows you are valid of the warranty scheme, never wait to hold the machine in your home; rather send that for repairing as quickly as you can.

How to repair CPAP Machine 2016

CPAP Machine Parts

CPAP machine has several parts. All those parts work altogether to form a compact system that can enable continuous air pressure flow for the patients. Here are the major parts of a CPAP machine.

  • Masks
  • Tubing
  • Air hose
  • Main machine system for humidification
  • Chinstrap
  • Air filter
  • Water tank
  • A connecting cord

What About Mask Repair/ Change?

Mask is the prime thing that is necessary to clean almost every day. If you don’t do that, mold might start to grow within. Take distil water and mild soap to clean your mask to back it in previous working condition. You can get SoClean machines too for doing that. If you find it difficult to remove the mold scattered over your mask, try once more to clean. If failed once again, change it quickly. Don’t try to overuse.

What About Humidification System Repair/Change?

The main system of a CPAP machine is complicated. So you should not try to repair that by your own. But in occasional cases, you can fix your machine by changing settings of it. If you think the hose is supplying erratic pressure, the outlet of the CPAP machine should be checked. Don’t forget to check the hose, there might be a leak causing an irregular outflow of air pressure. The air filter of your machine can be choked too. In can simply clean the air filter to reuse. But repairing hose is difficult for you. In such case when you can realize hose is the prime problem generator, try to replace it.

If you find your machine stops working at the midnight, try to check the cord level. Besides don’t forget to check the wiring system. Call an electrician to check the electric port. Carefully connect the cord before a particular night to reveal the changes critically. If the electric cord is identified as the guilty repair it by your electrician or change it immediately.

Your CPAP machine might malfunction due of inappropriate settings. Overheating in the machine due of inappropriate setting can add moisture into the system. If you find similar problem try to reset the machine using the user manual or take a help of an expert. In this way, you can fix the machine quickly. In a case of difficulties that cannot be solved by you, ask a professional.

What About Tubing Repair/Change?

Tubing works as the transmitter to pass air pressure from the system to the patients’ lung. In many cases mold growth can be found inside of the tubing too if you don’t clean that couple of days. In such cases, the efficiency of the CPAP machine can decline. Changing the tubing can cost you some bucks though after few months of using you ought to do that. But while encountering any problems in receiving the air pressure if any issues can is revealed in the tubing, try to use hot water to flux the tube couple of times and let that to dry by natural air. Your tubing will start working like the previous mode.

What If You Don’t Repair?

Repairing CPAP machine is important for a number of reasons. If you in unaware about this issue, try to be aware from the day you are reading this article. You may call in severe health abnormalities if you don’t repair or change your tools in a timely manner. For an example, too much air inserting into the lung can ruin the sleep of a patient. Excessive mold growth into the mask and tubing can allow different infectious bacteria and viruses to grow. Those viruses can destroy your immune system and can cause multidisciplinary diseases.  If you aren’t able to keep your machine in a dry place, a nominal amount of water can ruin its efficacy and start creating an environment that can cause expose of pneumonia.  For the heart patients, irregular air flow can block the heart functioning and can invite heart failure. This particular scenario can lead a person towards death, at worst.


After reading this article, you can easily understand why it is important to fix CPAP machine quickly; and what is the importance of checking the machine tools every day! So if you are a patient having slept disorders, try to follow the advice of this article and sleep well. Remember, you are using this CPAP machine to get comfort from your abnormalities. Now if you start running the environment due of your negligence, you might not find a way to forgive you even. Try to listen to the alarm from the deep of your heart, follow what your doctors says, ensure utmost hygiene in your living area, especially regarding the tools and kits of the CPAP machine and continue your healthy breathing experience.

How to Clean Your CPAP Machine

CPAP machines maintain a steady volume of air so the user can keep his airways open all the time.

A typical CPAP machine has a number of components such as a mask, humidifier and tubing. Proper maintenance of those tools is very important.

Maintenance involves cleaning them and keeping them hygienic. You can learn tricks for cleaning the equipment from your doctor. You can also get cleaning manuals. Wherever you get the information from is not important. What is important is cleaning it on a regular basis.

Clean CPAP Machine

When you start finding the sign of mold growth in your machine, don’t waste time procrastinating. Early cleaning makes good sense. Inspect your machine on a regular basis.

Cleansing of CPAP Machines Using Standard Cleaners

There are two ways to you can clean your CPAP machine.

One is using CPAP cleaners and the other is by taking advantage of SoClean 2.

Here is how CPAP cleaners can help you…

CPAP Generic Cleaners

Here are the tools you need to clean your CPAP machine:

  • Hot Water/Distilled water
  • Gentle Soap
  • Additional Ultra-fine Filter
  • Clean Dry Cloth
  • White Vinegar
  • Clean Damp Cloth

If you have a scarcity of any one of the above items, it doesn’t mean cleaning is impossible. A person who has a CPAP machine should keep these items to hand. Put them to use as follows…

Outside of the Machine
  • At first, unplug the main unit from the electric supply. This is the first step of generic cleaning
  • Take a damp cloth and wipe the outside of the machine. Now allow the air to dry it
Foam Filter and Ultra-Fine Filter
  • Remove the filters at least once every two weeks
  • Rinse it properly and allow drying to happen naturally. If not satisfied after water cleaning, replace it. But note, ultra-fine filters usually last long than foam filters. You can use an ultra-fine filter for months. Depending on the overall environment, you can make a decision about reusing it. If your environment is too smoky or a bit dusty, the longevity of ultra-fine filters will be diminished
  • Tubing need to be cleaned daily. Remove it from the main device and rinse. To rinse you can use water and mild soap. Swish the water back and forth throughout the tube and empty it. Allow it to dry before reattaching
  • You can also clean the tubing in another way. It needs to be soaked first for around 30 minutes. To soak it you can use white vinegar and water. Pick it up, allow it to dry and you’re good to go
  • Masks need to be cleaned daily too. Use a bowl of hot water and some mild soap to soak the mask. You can use distilled water instead of hot water. If you find any area of the mask is dirty, try to clean it using your hand. Don’t forget to rinse properly
  • Allow it to dry by natural airing without resorting to dry cloths if you can
  • Now check whether there is any mold still visible that cannot be removed. If you find mold, replace your mask
Headgear and Holding Tanks
  • You should wash headgear at least once a week. The process of cleaning is no different than mask cleaning
  • The holding tank should be cleaned too once a week if the unit has a component like a dehumidifier. You can use a damp cloth and mild soap. Rinse properly and allow it to dry naturally

Cleansing of CPAP Machines Using SoClean 2 Cleaners

SoClean 2 cleaners are machines that ensure ultimate cleansing of CPAP machines. These sanitizer machines can clean to a standard that you simply cannot achieve by the usual method of cleansing. Global brands of CPAP machine producers don’t make SoClean 2 Cleaners directly. But you can get their featured products easily…

For example, we can recommend Better-Rest-Solutions as they are making SoClean 2 sanitizers with their advanced technology with hose adapters for ResMed and Respironics. These are two sanitizers that can work perfectly to help someone in cleaning his CPAP machine.

  •  SoClean CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer
  •  SoClean 2 2-CPAP Cleaner-and Sanitizing-Machine with ResMed S9 Heated Hose Adapter
  •  SoClean 2 2-CPAP Cleaner-and Sanitizing-Machine with Respironics Heated Hose Adapter
Features of SoClean 2

Basically, these are the same products except for the change in their heated hose adapter. One of their adapters is made by ResMed where another one is by Respironics. These sanitizers have a product dimension of 7.5 x 6.5 x 8.5 inches and are made of plastic materials

Here are some prominent features of these sanitizers:

  • These are extremely powerful sanitizers and can clean anything with ease
  • Capable of demolishing almost 100% of bacteria and viruses
  • You can clean mold easily with the help of these sanitizers without using any chemicals or even water
  • These sanitizers are tested independently in the lab and have received FDA registration
  • SoClean 2 Cleaners can be connected to your CPAP, Bi-PAP, BPAP and VPAP devices
  • The interface of the SoClean 2 is updated
  • There are advanced indicator lights available

You can get these products in white. The weight of these machines is 5.6 lbs. They are UNSPSC approved and their power source is DC. These products have been reviewed extremely well by their customers. They are happy as they can buy SoClean 2 for a reasonable price and the regular pain of cleaning CPAP machine accessories is minimized

A few things to remember while using SoClean 2
  • You cannot clean the skin oil attaching with the mask by using SoClean 2
  • Filter Cartridge should be changed every six months to ensure hygienic cleaning and better functioning
How to Use SoClean 2 to Clean CPAP Machines

SoClean uses activated oxygen (O3) to destroy all the bacteria or evil molecules inside of a CPAP machine. Here is how you can use your SoClean CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer. Using it is very straightforward.

  • When getting the SoClean 2, you will get a manual. Try to read that carefully to set up the machine. Check the ports and fittings
  • Preset the time to clean. For an example, you can set 2.30 minutes for mask cleaning
  • Put the mask into the black space of the SoClean 2 machine and close the box
  • Allow the sanitizer machine to run. You will see a red light outside of the sanitizer machine while the sanitizing process is running
  • After 2.30 minutes, you will see a yellow light signal. It means you should keep the masks inside the box for next two hours.
  • After two hours, you can see a green light signal. Green light transmits the message that you can remove the mask now that is well cleaned
  • For the CPAP machine itself, just connect the machine with the SoClean 2 and allow the O3 to pass through. Within a determined time, your SoClean 2 sanitizer machine will kill all the bacteria and grown mold inside of your machine in an automatic process of activated oxygen swishing back and forth


All devices require maintenance. This is true for your CPAP machines too.

You can ensure their hygiene in two different ways. One is the orthodox regular way and another one is the advanced technological way. Both forms of the cleansing process can provide you hygiene though SoClean is better to use.

If you keep changing your CPAP machine accessories then high-tech sanitizers are not necessary.

Choose which method suits your tastes and budget but remember: keep everything clean!

How to Change The Settings on Your CPAP Machine

A person suffering from disorders like OSA (obstructive-sleep-apnea) often get prescribed a CPAP machine.

CPAP is a popular term in recent days which refers to continuous positive airway pressure. You can buy a CPAP machine from many places. There are many producers and vendors to choose from. Your doctor can specifically advise you to buy a particular machine too.

When you get the CPAP machine in your hand, a certain setting will come as built-in; basically, a technician does that job for first time users. The technician makes that setting based on the prescription of the doctor. A CPAP machine user is advised not to change the settings of the machine unless he has discussed it with his doctor.How to change setting on cpap machine2016

Who Might Need Help in Changing Settings

If your doctor allows you to change the setting for a particular reason, there is no problem in doing that. Using a CPAP machine is not that tough and its setting change is not either.

But, if you are a novice user or have limited knowledge about technology and gadgets, you might face some problems. Older people those are suffering for sleeping disorders often struggle if asked to change the setting a bit.

You can find many blogs and forums to help with these issues. This article will also help you to know more about how to easily change the setting of a CPAP machine.

Necessary Things to Know

While guiding you to change the setting of your CPAP machine, it is important to mention two things:

  • The model type of the machine (You need to know it)
  • Manual of the sleep therapy machine  (You should have it in your hand)

Steps of Changing Settings

  • At the beginning, you need to know what brand of your machine is and what the precise model of it is. ResMed is the most eminent brand that produces CPAP machines
  • At this point, the power cord should be unplugged
  • Find the user button under the LCD display. Hold the button whilst plugging in the cord. Don’t move your finger until you can hear something. Within a short while, you will hear a beep sound. This means you can change the setting
  • Now see the Settings display. There will be many options available. You can change the hour number. You can change the therapy mode and ramp time. Also, you can change alarm modes and elevation. You can find options for pressure calibration. You can scroll down and select any of those. While scrolling down, you can also skip options
  • If you change the ramp settings, it is possible to increase the time limit for gradual pressure building. Usually, it ranges from 10 to 15 minutes. It is possible to set it up to 45 minutes. In this way, you can have enough time to start sleeping prior to the beginning of heavier pressure
  • You can change the pressure settings of the CPAP machines too. This is more complex so exercise caution and seek advice if necessary
  • You can check whether the pressure setting of your CPAP machine is correct or not, but it is time-consuming and is not a mechanical checking but physical. You will be asked to use your machine in a certain pressure level for two weeks to find the abnormalities. If you feel discomfort through gas or pain in your stomach, that would transmit a message that the pressure setting is not working and that the stomach is not getting adequate pressure

Stopping Usage And Buying a New Machine

CPAP machines might cause some potential negative health effects.

A person might need plenty of time to adjust to a certain model. Feeling abnormalities doesn’t mean you can get rid out of those by stopping the usage of the machine or by getting a new one. In some cases, people suffer for their own mistakes. Inappropriate pressure setting can lead towards many health complexities. So, pay close attention to all settings.


Don’t forget to remain cautious about primary setting changes with your CPAP machine.

Unless your physician approves the primary setting required by you, don’t try to do it yourself. Remember the prime purpose of a CPAP machine is keeping the airways open and making the breathing more regular during the nighttime.

Take care and be careful not to make changes without proper medical advice.