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Senior Insomnia: 3 Ways to Help Treat Sleep Disorders

For most seniors, having a good night’s rest may be something that has been unaccomplished for years. They feel restless throughout the day, only to have trouble sleeping for more than a few hours at night. Insomnia and other sleep disorders affect nearly 40% of elderly adults. While many complain of their insomnia, only a few take the prescribed medication.

With that said, it is important to determine what is really going on in the body to be able to improve sleep. In this guide, we will share some of the most helpful ways to treat sleep disorders in seniors.

Senior woman in bed ill and suffered of sleeplessness or insomnia.

Mindful Meditation

According to studies at Harvard University, mindful meditation is proven to reduce insomnia, fatigue, and depression within six sessions. It was considered as a proven technique that helped spark the relaxation response in the body to help ease many stress-related ailments.

Many seniors who undergo changes in their life such as moving to a senior living home or experiencing the loss of a close loved one may have trouble with sleeping as things weigh on the mind. With mindful meditation, seniors can focus on breathing and practice mindfulness every day.


When it comes to your diet, consider eating a sleep-friendly meal plan that will allow you to promote better sleeping habits. Food like bananas, cherries, cereals, lettuce, and even milk can help promote good sleep due to the vitamins and nutrients each contains. Milk is rich in tryptophan which is an amino acid that releases serotonin to signal sleepless from the brain to the body.

Be sure to keep away from foods like bacon, dark chocolate, sodas, and especially coffee as caffeine is sleep’s number one enemy. If you must have coffee, have a cup only during breakfast to prevent the active stimulation to the Central Nervous System – leaving you restless until the early morning.


As many elderly people suffer from poor quality of sleep, they may nap more often during the day and choose not to exercise. However, spending more time outdoors can promote exposure to sunlight and control their biological clock and sleep cycle. Low-impact exercise is a safe way to improve insomnia and promote a better quality of life.

Do you or someone you love suffer from sleep problems? What methods of treatment have you tried? Consider these methods to help treat your sleep problems.

SoClean 2 Go: Review of Portable CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer

Things are looking up…

You have your new CPAP machine and your sleep has greatly improved…

But now you need to clean it! If you find that the grooves on the mask or hoses are tough to properly sanitize and your precious new sleeping aid is smelling musty…

Well, it time to consider picking up a SoClean 2 Go portable cleaner and sanitizer.

We will review this outstanding product here so you can see the many ways in which it will make your life easier while keeping your CPAP machine in great working order.

soclean 2 go

What Is SoClean 2 Go?

The SoClean is a fantastic automated piece of kit that will clean and sanitize your CPAP machine.

You can disinfect all your accessories with no need to take anything apart. The water reservoir, mask and hose can all be sanitized with 99.9% of bacteria, mold and viruses zapped away fuss-free.

Say goodbye to harmful, messy chemicals – you do not even need water – and keep your equipment dry while sparkling clean.

If you are reluctant to spend money on another product after investing so much in your CPAP machine, think of it this way… Would you buy an expensive car and avoid paying for maintenance? 

SoClean technology makes use of completely safe oxygen which is naturally activated. You can blitz your entire system without damaging yourself or the machine.

The design of the chamber means it will accommodate almost all face masks. Whether it’s a full CPAP mask or a nasal pillow, everything except a total face mask will fit in a treat.

How Does SoClean 2 Go Work?

soclean 2Activated oxygen is an extremely potent and completely natural cleaning agent. It’s been successfully used in hospitals, water purification and food production for many years now. SoClean 2 Go harnesses this fuss-free method of cleaning to great effect.

The oxygen molecule that we breathe has two atoms. With activated oxygen, a third atom of oxygen is added.

SoClean 2 Go will generate activated oxygen from the air in your room. By pumping it through your equipment – CPAP or BiPAP – all bacteria, mold and viruses will be zapped away.

A nice finishing touch is that a dedicated filter can convert this activated oxygen back into breathable air.

The procedure could not be simpler and involves no effort at all.

  • Pop your mask and headgear into the sanitizing bag with the hose still attached
  • Tighten the bag by pulling the drawstrings
  • Hit the POWER switch which is found under the unit. You’ll see a green LED flash for 30 seconds
  • Within 30 seconds, press the button above SoClean 2 Go logo. As sanitizing begins, the light will turn a solid green
  • The indicator light on top of the SoClean 2 Go will tell you when the cycle is complete
  • Although you can perform a quick clean in minutes, 2 hours is recommended for best results

Note: A red light on the LED means that you need new batteries.

Features and Benefits

  • Safe and Effective: By using activated oxygen, your valuable CPAP equipment stays safe and dry while all contaminants and dirt are cleaned away effortlessly. This is a 100% natural process with absolutely no chemicals involved
  • Ultra-Portable: The compact unit is extremely lightweight and ideal for traveling. You can even keep your accessories safely protected inside while you’re on the move
  • Battery-Operated: No need to worry about cords, power sockets or compatible plugs when you’re away from home. 8 batteries are included so you will be good to go straight from the box
  • No Disassembly Needed: When you are cleaning anything, taking it apart is the last thing you need. Sanitize all your gear without needing to remove the mask, reservoir or hose. You can even clean the water in the reservoir!
  • Universal Compatibility: SoClean 2 Go works well with all CPAP, BiPAP, VPAP or BPAP machines
  • Cleans Heated Humidifiers: If your machine comes with a heated humidifier, a tubing insert is thrown in. The chamber can be cleaned with ease. Specialized adapters are available for specific heating tubes so the SoClean 2 Go is truly versatile. One size fits all!
  • Works With Wide Range Of Masks: This cleaner will fit with nasal pillows, full, mouth or nasal masks. You can easily clean almost all masks
  • Huge Time-Saver: We all have so much to clean that saving time is essential. The automated cleaning cycle means that you need no effort to keep your CPAP machine in tip-top condition and free of all germs and viruses

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will my equipment ever get wet? No. There are absolutely no fluids used purely activated oxygen. Water plays no part in the process whatsoever
  2. Can I use rechargeable batteries? Absolutely. Any kind of AA batteries work perfectly well
  3. What materials should I avoid putting in my cleaner? Activated oxygen breaks down both natural rubber and nylon. Most manufacturers of CPAP machines do not use these materials for masks, headgear, hoses or reservoirs. If in doubt, check up on this
  4. Is there any damage to me or to the environment? No. Activated oxygen is completely safe at the correct levels. The filter also converts this into safe, breathable air when it’s expelled back into your room
  5. The smell is too strong. What can I do? Make sure you use the Neutralizing Pre-Wash. Before popping on your mask, let your machine run for 30 seconds. This should blow out any lingering scent. Sanitize equipment alternate days instead of daily. This should minimize any unwanted odors
  6. Is it possible to wash my mask bag? Yes. Simply hand wash then air dry the bag

Why Should I Buy The SoClean 2 Go?

Everyone today leads extremely busy lives. Just keeping on top of cleaning the house can be an uphill struggle. Time is precious and with this superb piece of kit you will not need to laboriously disassemble and clean your CPAP accessories by hand.

Hygiene is absolutely crucial and this innovative cleaning system makes use of activated oxygen which is used in hospitals around the world. You can keep your machine perfectly safe while blitzing away any germs that could potentially harm you.

SoClean For Home

soclean for home

Although we are looking here at the portable SoClean 2 Go product, some of you might be wondering about the white-colored option which is simply called SoClean 2.

These cleaner are fundamentally the same except the SoClean2 is a standalone unit suitable for home use while the reviewed SoClean 2 Go model is for those people who travel frequently.

Since the core reason of purchasing an automated cleaner is to save time, we will save your time here and focus on the differences rather than listing a long series of similarities.

Suitable For Travel?NoYes
Programmable Timer?YesNo
Dimensions7.5" x 6.5" x 8.5"4.3 x 3.9 x 4.9"
Length Of Cord4'8"Cordless
Power Supply110-240 VACBatteries


Think of investing in the SoClean 2 Go as money saved rather than money wasted. Prevention is always the best cure and by keeping your CPAP machine in perfect condition you can enjoy many years of usage without needing to outlay even more money on a new machine. If you use this machine daily (as recommended by the manufacturer), it really does represent superb value for money.

If you have any questions about this product or anything else sleep-related, do not hesitate to get in touch. We try to answer all queries as swiftly as possible. We are always interested in feedback.

What Is Sleep Paralysis?

There are many different sleep disorders and one of these is the ominous sounding sleep paralysis.

sleep paralyis

An Introduction To Sleep Paralysis

Have you ever experienced the feeling of being awake yet at the same time being unable to move? If so, perhaps you have been overwhelmed with fear without being able to call for help.

This is a condition called sleep paralysis.

Some people only suffer a single outbreak. For others it can be a more regular occurrence, sometimes even happening several times in one night. It’s actually surprisingly common with over 3 million cases each year reported in the US alone.

One piece of good news to start off with is that sleep paralysis is not a serious health problem.

We will look in this article at what, precisely, this disorder is. We’ll also examine how you can diagnose and treat the problem as well as a quick glance at the two different varieties.


What Is Sleep Paralysis?

In a nutshell, sleep paralysis is when you feel conscious but at the same time you are not able to move your body. It takes place when you move from a state of wakefulness to one of sleep.

sleeping and sleep paralysis

While you undergo these shifts of state, it may be only seconds or maybe minutes before you regain the ability to move or speak properly.

Accompanying problems are a feeling of choking or abnormal pressure. Both of these, obviously, can cause quite a scare. The worst scenario is when this is partnered with hallucinations. A sense of dread and sometimes even a supernatural creature lurking combine to make sleep paralysis a terrifying ordeal.

It’s understandably very frightening, especially if you happen to see or hear things which are not really there. Some people who are beset by sleep paralysis feel that there is an intruder in the room. Other explanations point to an incubus (a kind of demon) or vestibular motor sensations (those hallucinations). We will examine here the science behind it which explains it in a rather less dramatic manner.

It can occur alongside other sleep disorders such as narcolepsy.

When Does Sleep Paralysis Happen?

There are two main times when it kicks in, either while you are falling asleep or just as you are about to wake.

Hypnagogic Sleep Paralysis

  • Predormital or hypnagogic sleep paralysis takes place as you fall asleep and your body gradually starts to relax. As your overall awareness lessens, you do not really notice this change happening. If you stay more aware or return to this state then try to speak or move you may notice that it’s an impossible task. This is hypnagogic sleep paralysis in effect.

Hypnopompic Sleep Paralysis

  • The other strand is known as postdormital or hypnopompic sleep paralysis. The body needs both REM (rapid eye movement) sleep and NREM (non-rapid eye movement) sleep. Generally, these separate cycles last for around 90 minutes. NREM sleep is first and accounts for almost three-quarters of your sleep in total. It’s during this phase that the body fully relaxes and restores itself. When NREM comes to a close, you switch to a REM cycle. The body is still relaxed but your eyes begin swiftly moving and dreams start. Your muscles take a break. If you attempt to speak or move at this point, you might not be able to.

So these are the two particular times of the night when you are at risk from sleep paralysis. It most often presents itself during teenage years and is likely to recur in the 20s and 30s. Although it may possibly continue as you age and it’s undeniably a scary state of affairs, there’s no serious health risk associated with this parasomnia.

Who Suffers From Sleep Paralysis?

It’s really rather a commonplace disorder with as many as 4 in 10 people of both sexes suffering from it at some stage.

It can be hereditary and there are also a number of factors which can increase your risk. Those who abuse substances or certain OTC medication can bring about this disturbing problem. If you suffer from existing mental conditions such as bipolar disorder then you are also more likely to find this happening to you. Parallel sleep issues such as narcolepsy or cramps can also provoke sleep paralysis. In addition to these elements, a lack of sleep in general or shifting sleeping patterns can also make things worse. As a handy tip, try to avoid sleeping on your back as this can increase the chance of an outbreak.

How Can Sleep Paralysis Be Diagnosed?

If the situation outlined above takes you by surprise and you are unable to speak or move before or after sleeping, there’s a high chance it’s a case of isolated recurrent sleep paralysis.

There’s no need to panic. As stated, it’s very common and nothing to worry about. Most of the time there is no need to pursue any kind of treatment.

If your symptoms cause you to feel at all anxious, tired during the day or unable to sleep properly then it’s a smart move to consult a doctor.

Try keeping a sleep diary for a period of a week or so. Describe any symptoms with as much detail as you can muster. The doctor may quiz you about any sleep disorders which run in the family and in some cases even refer you to a sleep specialist. Sleep studies, either overnight or during the day, can be conducted if necessary.

So, diagnosis is pretty straightforward and do not hesitate to seek medical advice if you want reassurance.


As stated, most people who encounter sleep paralysis have no need of any treatment at all.

When treatment is necessary, the focus is normally on dealing with any partnering leg cramps or disorders such as narcolepsy. Sorting out these problems often eliminates the sleep paralysis.

Some antidepressants can positively regulate your sleep cycles. It’s crucial to deal with any mental health flashpoints which can provoke sleep paralysis. Do not ignore them. Seek the help of your doctor and explore what medications are on offer.

That aside, the idea of most treatment is to take steps to improve overall sleep health which in turn should drastically reduce the chance of sleep paralysis happening again.


There is no denying that someone experiencing sleep paralysis is likely to feel concerned. If you understand the simple reasons why this happens and take action to improve your overall sleep health, it should not be an ongoing issue.

Get yourself checked out by your doctor if necessary and don’t worry. There is nothing serious about sleep paralysis. Think of it as no more than a bad dream!

About ResMed CPAP Machines

To solve respiratory problems and to get some comfort from sleeping disorders like apnea, you cannot find a single workable alternative to continuous positive airway pressure.

It is not possible to get such airway pressure in a natural way. Instead, you need to rely on external aid as therapy.

This is where the importance of CPAP machines lies. Hundreds of manufacturers make these machines ResMed is among the very best of these.

The ResMed CPAP machines are probably the finest machines possible to find to deal with respiratory diseases and depressive sleeps. ResMed is a producer which has been working in this particular niche for around three decades. This is why they have such great expertise in making sleeping aid machines.

This article will show you how ResMed as a brand is important and what it can offer you as a user.Best cpap machine and mask

Tools that ResMed produces

Here is some equipment that ResMed produces for patients:

  • Masks
  • Devices
  • Humidifiers
  • Accessories

All ResMed masks are very lightweight and comfortable to use. These masks are made in a way so that the greater part of the face remains uncovered and thus you feel more natural and less restricted.

There are five types of masks ResMed produces. They are as follows:

  •  Nasal Pillows
  •  Nasal Masks
  •  Full-face Masks
  •  Pediatric Masks
  •  Hospital Masks

1. Nasal Pillows

You can try these types of mask for freedom while sleeping. You will find them unobtrusive and comfortable. These masks are light and fit snugly. AirFitTM P10 is an example of nasal pillows

2. Nasal Masks

Nasal masks are a derivative of nasal pillows. You can see well while using them. These masks will cover a bit more of your nose. Some popular nasal masks are AirFitTM-N10, SwiftTM-FX Nano, Mirage Micro-TM and Mirage-TM SoftGel

3. Full-face Masks

If you are comfortable in breathing with your mouth, full-face masks are for you. All of ResMed’s full-face masks are non-intrusive. Quattro-TM Air and Mirage Quattro-TM are some popular full-face masks by ResMed

4. Pediatric Masks

You can buy these masks for obstructive sleep-apnea. These masks are for kids only. Pixi-Tm and Mirage Kidsta-Tm are examples of pediatric masks

5. Hospital Masks

Hospital masks are made in bulk to supply different hospitals and clinics. Quattro-TM FX-NV and Mirage-TM Non-vent are two popular hospital masks by ResMed


All the devices fromResMed have been made using advanced technology. These devices cause minimal noise levels. You can get following devices from ResMed:

You get a manual with every device. Never forget to keep that stored safely. Sometimes you might need to change the setting of something after discussion with your doctor. Your doctor can advise you to do that too. In this case, the manual will be invaluable


Humidifiers are a crucial tool of apnea therapy. To reduce nasal congestion and dryness, use of humidifiers is popular. You can also use them to stop mouth breathing

ResMed produces two types of humidifiers. They are H5i-TM heated humidifier and H4i-TM heated humidifier


ResMed offers a range of accessories as well as sleep apnea therapy. You can also get any kind of spare parts from this producer

  • Mask Accessories
  • Device Accessories
  • Humidifier Accessories
  • Communication Accessories

Gecko-TM nasal pad is one of the best mask accessories from ResMed. For device accessories you can find products like SlimLine TM Tubing, ClimateLine TM Family, ResMed-RPS II and Standard Trolley. There are some humidifier accessories too at a cost effective price range.

SimLine Tm Tubing is one of the best humidifier accessories that you can get from ResMed. Communication accessories include a remote alarm type tool. If you are a doctor you can connect these alarm to monitor your patient from different other location


As a brand, ResMed is outstanding.

If you are sleep apnea patient or having troubles in your sleeping, your doctor will definitely ask you to take CPAP therapies.

Buying a ResMed CPAP machine is something you can do with confidence.

Respironics CPAP Machines: A Brand You Can Trust

CPAP machines can be considered as one of the leading inventions of modern days.

Through using this kind of machine, many people have been helped greatly with their breathing. CPAP therapy is becoming more common and widely known so many manufacturers are making these products.

Doctors usually avoid prescribing any particular brand to their patient due to ethics. This is why patients should be able to make an informed choice on their own.Best CPAP Machine 2016

In order to make the best possible choice, you should find out as much as you can about the machines.

This article will focus on a reputable brand that produces sleep apnea solutions. The name of the brand is Respironics. They solely produce solutions for respiratory problems and have a proven track record. If you want to buy a Respironics CPAP machine today, you can do so with confidence.

Respironics started as a standalone company. Later, the global entity Phillips bought Respironics. After this acquisition,  the product quality of Respironics did not declined and the brand has continued to grow.

Solutions from Respironics:

Here are some aids that Respironics offers:

  • Management of Sleep Apnea
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Delivery of Respiratory Drugs
  • Noninvasive Ventilation
  • Management of Patient Compliance

In general, as a patient you can find two broad categories of health care from Respironics:

  • Sleep Therapy
  • Respiratory Care

1. Sleep Therapy

For sleep apnea patients, these aids are ideal. This therapy has proven itself highly effective with its advanced engineered technology. By taking this therapy, you can get a restful sleep even with a sleep disorder such as an apnea. Additionally, you will get a sense of normalcy which is crucial. You can dream just like the old days when you were suffering from sleep apnea!

2. Respiratory Care

You can avail yourself of this care from Respironics if you have COPD diseases. By undergoing this form of breathing care you can avoid constant hospital visits. Stay at home and live a normal life.

Tools that Respironics produces

Tools that Respironics produces

Respironics provides a lot of tools for its patients. These include both major and minor products…

  • Airway Clearing Devices
  • Sleep Therapy devices
  • Ventilators
  • Liquid Oxygen
  • Respiratory Drugs
  • Pulse-oximetry Products
  • Patient Interface-masks
Airway Clearing Devices

Some of the best CPAP machines are made by Respironics. They produce exceptional, noninvasive airway clearing devices.

Respiratory Drugs and Pulse-oximetry Products

It is possible to get respiratory drugs and some other lightweight pulse-oximetry products from Respironics. As a patient you can get those drugs staying at home. You can get hard-to-find respiratory drugs from this particular brand.

Sleep Therapy Devices

Sleep therapy devices have the following characteristics.

  • All the sleep therapy devices and tools from Respironics are compact
  • The algorithms used in those devices are advanced so Respironics therapy works extremely well
  • With Respironics devices you can get integrated Bluetooth functions
  • You can get cellular modem functions too. In case you don’t want that, you can choose WiFi instead

Most famous products of Respironics:

Patient Interface-masks

You can get different kinds of patient interface masks from Respironics. They are of various types and shapes. Some of these are:

Minimal contact-nasal masks fit well naturally. Think of the name of Wisp as an example. Full-face masks function just like the name suggests with the entire face masked while wearing this. Nasal masks have been engineered for the nose only. Pico and TrueBlue are two examples of nasal masks made by Respironics. Pillow masks are an exclusive headgear system. OptLife is a great model. Nuance Gel is also getting more popular.

Ventilators and Liquid Oxygen

There are many ventilators that you can pick up from Respironics. These ventilators are mostly made for adult patients though you can get ventilators for pediatric patients too.

You can get ventilators like BiPAP AVAPS or BiPAP S/T from Respironics. These two are invasive. Normal ventilators include Triology100 and Triology200. You can even get reporting software and liquid oxygen too from this particular brand.


Respironics CPAP machine offers superb solutions for sleep apnea, general sleeping disorders, depression, nasal congestion and irregular breathing. This simple sentence clearly shows how crucial Respironics has become as a brand in the niche of breathing health care. Even if you look at their growth rate and the sales volume around the markets of the world, a significant change can be revealed. More and more people are realizing just how effective CPAP machines can be.

With Respironics now going from strength to strength, you can rely on product quality, longevity, brand trust and extreme value for money.