Forgotten Advice: 5 Important Tips to Achieve an Improved Sleeping Experience


Improve Sleeping Experience

It’s Monday morning. Your alarm wakes you up from the reality that your boss needs the proposal he asked you to do last Friday today. You already know that you should be waking up early today yet you didn’t have a good night sleep last night. And what’s worse is your head throbs badly.

While our body needs water and food for survival, it also needs sleep. We all go to bed every night, but the question is, are we getting the right amount of sleep per day? Maybe that’s because of that bright bedside table light in your room, or your neighbor threw a huge house party last night.

The University of California conducted a study that a proves that there’s no reason for us to sleep longer than six and a half hours. But, whatever your reason is for not having a good night sleep, what you should do is to take note of the tips on things that you should do before bed. Here are just some of those:

  1. Turn off any light that is too bright.

Turn off light

Try avoiding being in contact with a bright light at least half an hour before your bedtime. If you’re working at home before bedtime, you need to dim your lights in your work station and turn off those fluorescent lights around you for you to get a sound sleep every night.

Oops! This thing includes all your gadgets such as your iPhone, iPad, and even your television at home. By doing this, you’re helping your body to produce more Melatonin in your body.

When Melatonin, also commonly known as the sleep hormone, levels in the rise of your blood, it makes your body less alert at night and is, therefore, very conducive to sleeping. Help yourself enjoy hitting the hay by staying away from too much light.

  1. Never watch disturbing and violent tv shows before bedtime. 

Never watch TV shows

Who doesn’t know this tip? Unsurprisingly, horrifying scenes can be a lot scary and can be the reason why you can’t even close your eyes at night. Watching this kind of shows may make it a lot harder for you to fall asleep and have a sound one.

  1. Exercising before bed is a no-no!


I know some of you can’t find time in the morning to jog around your subdivision due to a hectic schedule, so you do it in the evening instead.

However, according to David Asprey in his book, The Bulletproof Diet, for you to hit the hay soundly, you need not do any form of exercise (except for a restorative yoga or a breathing exercise) before the said time. Nevertheless, doing workouts, in general, though enhances your sleeping routine.

  1. Avoid caffeine.Avoid caffeine

Well, it doesn’t mean that you need to ditch taking coffee entirely for you to get a good night sleep. What the researchers at Wayne State College and the Sleep Disorders & Research Center at Henry Ford Hospital in Michigan have found is when you consume caffeine even six hours before you go to bed significantly results to poor quality and quantity of sleep.

For example, you should stop yourself from drinking coffee at least eight hours before your scheduled bedtime as this will ensure that you gain all the important benefits of drinking caffeine without putting the quality of your sleep in jeopardy. The best thing you can do is to keep an eye on your caffeine intake and your sleep routine for you to see its effect.

  1. No stress allowed. Period.

No stress allowed

This tip is probably one of the most common things why people can’t get a good amount of sleep. Not being able to free your mind from all the worries and letting stress take its toll on your body will surely hinder you from getting a good night sleep.

When you know you’re stressed, try some breathing exercises first to help your brain free your mind from thinking, recuperate, and be ready for the next day’s happenings.


Living in this fast-paced world makes it hard for us to have a good quality and quantity of sleep. It’s not a surprise that almost all of us are experiencing the damaging effects of a low-quality sleep and the adverse effects of sleep deprivation are affecting how we wake up the next day.

But by slowly practicing these sleep enhancing tips mentioned above, slowly, you will surely notice a significant change in your mood and your demeanor towards everything for the next days.

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